Teeth Whitening

People with bright, healthy teeth tend to smile more and exude a higher level of confidence.

Teeth whitening is the most asked-for cosmetic dentistry procedure today. It is a simple, non-invasive treatment used to alter the colours of natural tooth enamel and restore brightness to your smile. While the results can be dramatic it is worth noting that whitening is not permanent and may require touch-ups every few years.

At Keystone Dental, we offer our clients two whitening solutions; Take-home whitening or in-office whitening. Both of these systems, whether used individually or in combination, consistently deliver the highest standards of whitening and have excellent customer satisfaction ratings.

Take-Home Whitening

Take-home whitening consists of custom made trays that are molded to precisely fit your teeth. These trays are used to apply either Night White™ or Day White™ whitening products. These products suit different people and purposes, so we encourage you to discuss with Dr. Gordon which might be the most appropriate for you.

In-office Whitening

Our In-office whitening procedures involve the popular ZOOM2!™ chair-side whitening system. It involves the use of a specialized ZOOM2!™ lamp along with a powerful proprietary whitening gel that is activated by the lamp’s monochromatic light. The in-office whitening process can take from one to two hours depending on the lightness of tooth shade desired, but the results can be both stunning and long lasting!