TMJ Treatment

TMJ treatment is all about addressing conditions that are causing problems with the function of your temporomandibular (TMJ) joints.

These two joints connect your jawbone with your skull and are located on either side of the jaw by your ears. They are some of the most highly-used joints in your entire body and they play a huge role in your speaking, eating, and facial expressiveness.

When these joints are not working correctly, they can cause severe headaches, toothaches, or pain in the ears, jaw or cheeks. Strong TMJ disorders can even cause neck and shoulder pains. Many people affected by TMJ disorders find they have difficulty opening and closing their mouths and can experience unpleasant jaw ‘popping’ or ‘clicking’.

TMJ disorders can be caused by a number of factors such as teeth grinding, bite misalignment, muscle tension and stress, arthritis, or a wearing out of the cartilage within the joints. Dr. Gordon is experienced in diagnosing and treating all of these types of conditions. TMJ treatment options can include mouth guards, jaw exercises, bite therapies and occasionally corrective surgery.

At Keystone Dental, we can help you alleviate painful TMJ symptoms and restore the functionality of these vitally important joints.