General Dentistry

At Keystone Dental, we strive to provide you with exceptional dental care. Our general dentistry services are focused on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of a wide variety of oral health and hygiene conditions.

We offer a complete range of general dentistry services – from diagnostic assessments and hygiene care to cosmetic fillings and tooth extractions – all using the most advanced practices and technologies available.

Every dental examination at Keystone Dental involves a thorough assessment of not only your teeth, but also your entire mouth, head and neck. This is done to provide you with a comprehensive analysis that is both proactive and preventative. Dr. Gordon looks for signs of cancers, temporomandibular (TMJ) disorders, muscle tightness and other systemic conditions that may impact your oral health.

Keystone Dental’s general dentistry services are offered to all age groups, including children.

A healthy mouth is an important part in maintaining a healthy body.

Keystone Dental can help you keep your mouth in tip-top condition!

Keystone’s Team Commitment to Quality & Safety

The entire Keystone Dental team takes pride in their commitment to maintaining the highest standards of quality control and safety assurance throughout our practice. This commitment includes:

Sterilization & Infection Control

Controlling infection is a vital aspect of quality dental treatment. At Keystone Dental we strictly follow the sterilization and cross-contamination protocols outlined by the Canadian Dental Association, the US Centers for Disease Control and the Occupational Safety & Health Administration. Our sterilizers are routinely tested to ensure their performance and effectiveness. Whenever possible, we employ disposable items.

Dental Waterline Safety

All of the water used in our dental systems comes from a closed, self-contained water source that uses only distilled water for your comfort and safety.

Dental X-rays

Our office is equipped with advanced digital radiographic (x-ray) equipment that minimizes radiation exposure to both our clients and staff. We also use lead aprons with collar to protect our clients from any scatter radiation during radiograph procedures. Regular monitoring and inspection ensures our equipment operates safely and effectively.

Continuing Education

Dr. Gordon and the Keystone Dental team strive to remain on the leading edge of modern dentistry, continually advancing their knowledge of products, protocols and clinical techniques. Dr. Gordon is registered with the BC College of Dental Surgeons.

Advanced Technology for Better Care

At Keystone Dental, we’re proud to offer our clients the latest in dental technology. Advances in modern dentistry provide a much more pleasant experience than you may have previously had – and often result in shorter duration appointments. We continually upgrade our equipment, materials, and methods as dental technology continues to evolve. Some of the leading edge equipment we employ includes:

Intraoral Cameras

This advanced camera system lets you see the same high-resolution images that Dr. Gordon sees, allowing you to make more informed decisions about your dental health and treatment options. Keystone Dental’s intraoral cameras produce magnified images of your teeth and gums which are displayed live on our large LCD monitors. About the size of a pen, the camera takes pictures inside your mouth and then displays them at 10 to 40 times their original size. This information benefits both you and Dr. Gordon, and can also be a helpful resource for insurance companies.

Digital X-rays

X-rays are vital in accurately diagnosing your dental health. At Keystone Dental we utilize computerized digital radiography, which takes safer, faster and highly detailed x-rays of your mouth. Generating 60-90% less radiation than traditional film-based x-rays, digital radiography minimizes your radiation exposure. It also helps the environment since it does not require toxic film processing solutions. One of the key benefits of digital radiography is the clarity of imagery it provides, which is instantly viewable on our large LCD monitors. This allows Dr. Gordon to make a more precise diagnosis and provide you with the best possible care.

A-dec Steri-Center System & Dental Chairs

Infection control is a critical element in providing quality dental care. At Keystone Dental, our state of the art Steri-Center system is a large contributor to our high standards of infection control. The Steri-Center presents a very rigorous and structured method of cleaning and sterilizing all the dental instruments/tools used by our staff. Using a stainless steel ‘cassette’ system, all of our instruments go through the system’s Hydrim, an automated instrument cleaner and dryer and are then wrapped and placed in a hospital-grade sterilizer. Run using only distilled water, the Steri-Center is constantly spore tested to ensure its continual safety and effectiveness.

The Steri-Center streamlines the flow of instruments from sterilization to operating rooms, ensuring that our staff always have on hand the proper tools needed to address your particular dental issue. This well-organized system also promotes staff safety since many dental instruments are very sharp.

Our dental chairs are some of the most ergonomically advanced chairs on the market, making it easier for our staff to examine and work with you. The unique cushioning used in our chairs reduces pressure points and provides comfortable support across your entire body.

Self-contained Distilled Water System

Even though the general water quality in Prince George is generally good, we ensure your safety from potential pathogens by using a completely closed distilled water system for all of our equipment.

Air Abrasion System

Air abrasion can be a viable alternative to the dental drill. A great way to treat small cavities, micro-abrasive particles of aluminum oxide are propelled by a stream of air to gently remove surface decay on the tooth surface. This technology allows many types of cavities to be treated without anesthetic (‘freezing’) or sedation, making it perfect for anxious children and patients. Teeth treated with air abrasion are typically less susceptible to wear and will last longer. With none of the heat or vibration associated with dental drills, the majority of our patients report no unpleasant sensations or pain with air abrasion. And you won’t leave with a ‘frozen’ mouth!

iTero Element 5D PLUS Scanner

While many dental practices still use messy alginate to get an impression of a patient’s mouth, we have the technology to create an accurate digital impression with the iTero Element 5D PLUS Scanner.

This wand makes it easier, faster, and more comfortable for our patients, especially those who experience gagging, because it eliminates the need to sit in the dental chair with a tray in their mouth when requiring a custom mouthguard or retainer. By capturing more than 6,000 three-dimensional, high-quality images per second with the scanner, we can generate a model of the mouth within minutes, enabling us to address a wide range of dental conditions, from implants, bridges, to Invisalign teeth straightening, efficiently.

Guided Biofilm Therapy

As part of our comprehensive professional teeth cleanings, we are excited and proud to now offer Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) to our patients! As one of the only certified dental practices outside of the Lower Mainland, and the first in Prince George, to offer GBT, this advanced technology allows us to provide a safe, efficient, and minimally invasive treatment, all while prioritizing the comfort of our patients and preserving their oral and overall health.

We understand that traditional cleaning methods could be unpleasant and painful for some patients, so GBT is a welcome solution that reduces the need for uncomfortable hand and sonic/ultrasonic scraping tools. GBT is an eight-step evidence-based systematic protocol for cleaning teeth in a more comfortable way, and it’s time-saving.

GBT utilizes a three-colour Biofilm ID dye to guide our hygienists to where harmful biofilm is located, ensuring they can remove it completely using advanced tools that cleans teeth with warm water mist, air, and a very fine, non-abrasive AIRFLOW® PLUS erythritol powder that is naturally antimicrobial and safe for all dental surfaces, including enamel, dentin, porcelain, fillings, implants, braces, and Invisalign.

Through this state-of-the-art process, we are able to reach hidden pockets of film with very little discomfort and a more effective cleaning.

For more about this process, visit the Guided Biofilm Therapy page.